Beyond ‘Pretending to be a White Male’.

This blog troubles me sometimes. I want to write and publish so much, but I can’t right now. {I’ll explain later.} There are things I can write about, but in a lot of ways I’m still negotiating with my fears every time I come up with an idea for a blog post that might mention […]

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just making notes to self, a tinyletter created by me

I Started a Personal Newsletter! Here’s Why.

Because: creativity, synchronicity, intuition, writing, art, courage, self-care, drag, melanin, love, isolation, depression, psychic powers, opportunity. I didn’t want to start collecting subscribers to just send them a static list of posts. If I was going to send a regular, once-a-month email to people, I said to self, it was going to have information they […]

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I Got In!

The fees are paid, I know how to get to class and printed everything I could for day one. Now I wait three weeks. I was excited just to apply to the Humber School for Writers Workshop because I’ve come some way from having an idea for a book to getting it on paper (or […]

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A Note for When You Have to Keep Going.

do not stop. do not stop because you think you won’t make enough money, because you’re afraid of what people will say, because you’re not sure you’re {something} enough. do not detour. do not get distracted by other ideas. do not lose yourself in the world, in new love, in old love. do not talk […]

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