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I believe in trying everything until you find what works. And then trying something else. I started by trying out what was expected of me: university then a full time job. After graduating from York with a degree in English + Political Science, I started adulthood working overnight setting up news releases for distribution. The job wasn't for me, but I got a peek into the public relations industry and decided to try it. In 2011 I started an internship at one of the top PR agencies in the world, fresh out of Seneca's full-time Corporate Communications graduate program. I worked as an associate in the agency for about a year, then made the switch to working in the Corporate and Public Affairs department at one of Canada's biggest banks. Now I'm changing my life again and trying something [not so] new.

My drive is leading me to create, help others, to see ideas come to life and understand the bigger picture. In the last year, I've taken the idea of trying everything to a new level. I started taking vocal lessons and performing at local events in Toronto in the summer of 2013. And at the end of that year, I finished my first novel 'Everything Happens' (not published... yet). I've tried the conventions and don't trust them anymore for me or what I want to do. The "way it's always been done" can be a dangerous path to follow. I'm putting my feelings, intuition + experiences in charge of what I do and where I go. And it's good here, where I am now. I feel empowered and ridiculously excited! Like I'm my own psychic, and the best thing is I get to experience it with a community of people who are also trying something new, like me.


Apr 21, 2014

You're not stuck in 2002. So why is your website?

Britney's website from 2000

There is no reason for any company or business to have a website that’s outdated or ugly.

It’s not about doing what the cool kids are, or about making your website look like everyone else’s, it’s about using the technologies and features available to update your site and make a better experience for your users.

You might want some flashier design thingies for your site, but with the basics you can at least get a site that serves its purpose while you work out and add design elements.

Why The One-Pager Works:

  1. Bigger text + pictures. With a page that’s as big as you want it to be, less text can take up more space, allowing for more readable text and making it easier for users to read all the important words and see all the pretty pics.
  2. Mobile devices. Waiting for multiple pages to load is annoying. With one page, users on mobile devices can get to all the information they need after the page loads. One time.
  3. Sections instead of pages. Web pages of the past were made up of multiple sub-pages, often with just a few paragraphs and images on each page. But did we really need all those pages? The one-pager says ‘No’.
  4. Take it easy! A responsive, beautiful one-page website can be built with just HTML + CSS - aka the basics of site building, which means getting a one-page site could be...
  5. Cheap. You can get a one-page website for free, courtesy of the templates available online. Or you can get a fully customized, scalable site with a small investment, either in learning to build a site yourself or hiring a good web developer.

Get some one-page inspiration here.