My Story

I’m a writer, currently working on a fiction novel (my first). I’ve held day jobs in public relations, inbound marketing, customer service and front-end development.


It started when I learned what “divorce” meant.

{I think.}

This tool we have, words. At some point I realized they could be used to express how I feel, say what I wanted.

It took some time before I could build up the courage to ask. And even though it wouldn’t change the outcome (mommy said ‘no’), the affair with words had already started. Then it grew to music.

I danced until I was told I wasn’t allowed to (didn’t take long). And I sang until was told to shut up (that didn’t take long either).

Here’s my theory on what happened: I spent my childhood using books and music to escape. Then I went to university and learned about analyzing shit and once I turned the lens on my childhood, depression hit. After that, I didn’t sing at all for about ten years and wrote only out of necessity.

Having to choose between needing to pay rent and eat and taking my own life, I chose living small.

Writing for a living wasn’t an option because it wasn’t small enough, so I took up shadow careers in other things (see above), and spent my spare time avoiding what I really wanted to do.

Over the last couple years I’ve made my way back to writing and to music. I blog about the things that worked to help me get through depression and all the other shit. I’m not a doctor, a life coach, therapist, music teacher, web developer, shaman, psychic or spiritual guide, so please figure out and do what’s right for you.

I just hope this helps.