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DIYPR: Ecommerce store [Free Download]

Are you a Marie Forleo fan? I am. I watched a video of hers a couple months ago that was part of her Q&A Tuesday series about building customer trust before you have any clients.

The plan below can help you show potential customers and clients what it’s like to work with you and your business. Especially if what you deliver is a product or line of products, taking a lot of pictures and actually showing your prospects what happens behind the scenes is a great way to build trust.

Check out the plan below and then head over to YouTube to watch the video!

Plan for an ecommerce store: Click to View + Download


DIYPR: Plan for a Band [Free Download]

Got a band? What better way to honour your most die-hard fans than to give them a lesson in how to play your songs, and then jam with them?

This idea could be used if you’re getting ready to release a new album, but also makes sense to use in support of a charity, at a festival or for just-because.

If you’re especially passionate about music education, consider using this idea to partner with like-minded people and spread your message.

Use your social media profiles to find fans and get participants excited, and then go crazy with creating content for your site, videos, images and [maybe?] future music videos.

Plan for a Band: Click to View + Download


DIYPR: Life Coach [Free Download]

My cousin has a health clinic in Maryland. She was the inspiration for this plan.

Technically it could be used if you’re an expert in anything: relationships, web development, carpentry, food, cars, mud-slinging. It’s all fair game if there’s someone out there who wants to learn. Even better if you’re someone who specializes in more than one thing, for example, a life coach who’s also a personal trainer.

The point is to use the occasion of doing one presentation or workshop to create content for your site, content and social media. Life coaches are really good at this! Just check out Gabrielle Bernstein or the Tone It Up girls for a couple examples.

I’m an advocate for giving away free content [obviously], so I would recommend doing these for free at first. If you enjoy being in front of a group of people and get good feedback, think about offering sessions that attendees have to pay for, or offering smaller group sessions.

Plan for a Life Coach: Click to View + Download

DIYPR_lifecoach (1)

DIYPR: Bakery [Free Download]

In honour of world Baking Day on May 17th.

Mmmm…. baked goods.

Here’s an idea to get the community involved in creating a your menu. Take suggestions and then to build content, take pictures and video of the process as the item is added to the menu.

Take all the money raised from the new item and donate it to charity, create items inspired by kids or create a video teaching others how to make the item. Or challenge other bakeries in the neighbourhood to a bake-off of the same item.

Feel free to use if you have a cafe, restaurant, are a food vendor or a bar (with a little alcohol put in the mix).

Plan for a Bakery: Click to View + Download


DIYPR: Cafe that sells records [Free Download]

Last summer I visited a cafe in Kensington Market looking for a part-time job. The guy behind the counter told me that the owners usually just get their significant others and friends to work the shop, so if I was looking for work I could try some hot dog place just outside of the market.

“Yea, there are lots of hipsters there,” he said.

I let that one slide as I looked around this cafe, that sells records. And smiled.

So here’s a DIYPR plan inspired by that cafe in Kensington Market.

Plan for a Cafe that sells records: Click to View + Download