Using survey results to start a conversation.

In my past life as an associate at a PR agency, I was on the account team for a major credit card company that did a survey of Canadian small business owners every quarter. After the survey was complete and results compiled, I was responsible for pitching local and national media outlets to let them know […]

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Twitter for people who don’t like blogging + noobs.

If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, or you own a small business and you don’t like blogging, here are some steps you can take to build your profile on Twitter. It’s one way to engage with your audience that’s more interactive than blogging or emailing and doesn’t require intense writing. Follow people. Find customers and clients, […]

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Painting of a sickly man being tended to. Is the PR industry as healthy as it used to be?

Are you ok, PR?

Update: 10/29/14 Check out this Whitepaper from Vocus that talks about how to combine traditional PR tactics with Content Marketing: How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Engagement and Coverage. I’m no doctor, but I’ve been in the PR industry for a few years and from what I can tell the prognosis is not great. […]

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