Nerissa — she's an author.

Girl Tracy

About a woman who has the grit and gets the nerve.

“…a gripping, emotionally intense novel…” – Farzana Doctor, Author of Seven

“…hard to put down.” – Rosalyn, Black Woman Reading

“It wasn’t what I expected in the best possible way.” – David Bester, Writer and Editor

Tracy June Leonard needs money now.

She’s sending out applications and doing what she’s supposed to, but her résumé is full of lies that she can’t keep straight.

And it’s hard to concentrate at the interviews with Gemini in her head, a loud and brutally honest alter-ego that won’t shut up.

It’s been years since Toronto legalized sex work. After the last disastrous job interview, Tracy takes weeks to prepare to become a contractor at Rosado House. With her alter ego and the perfect wig she plans to leave everything behind and start again.

But Gemini has their limits. When Tracy’s worlds collide in the worst possible way she will discover just how much she’ll need to sacrifice for the security and the life she wants.