I Got In!

The fees are paid, I know how to get to class and printed everything I could for day one. Now I wait three weeks.

I was excited just to apply to the Humber School for Writers Workshop because I’ve come some way from having an idea for a book to getting it on paper (or at least, starting to get it on paper).

I had prepared to log this as one of the first in 100 rejections, but am happy and humbled to say it’s not on that list.

Why I Applied

Lawrence Hill.

The Humber School for Writers Workshop has taught some award winning authors. And those authors have published almost 1,000 books.

Then there was the process. I was expecting some paragraph on the application page, detailing how hard it would be to get in.

From what I could tell, there was no mention of how competitive the program was. No mention of how many ‘spots’ they had and how many applications they received each year on average. I could assume it’s competitive, but I prefer to be ignorant of that. It took unnecessary pressure off my shoulders (which I piled on anyway for good measure). I imagine it says something about the people who run the Workshop.

Getting the chance to meet other writers is another major reason I applied. Now I’m freaking excited. I can’t wait to start and get back to working on the book (I can’t touch it until the program begins).

So Here’s the Plan

By the end of this year I hope to ‘finish’ the book, meaning get it as close as possible to the absolute best I can make it. In 2017 I’ll be sending it out to beta readers, getting it reviewed by an editor and proofreader, revising, etc. A lot of this will depend on whether or not I’m able to get a publisher and a whole list of other things. For now, I’m sticking with the next steps.

And celebration bitches.

Your Thoughts