Nerissa — she writes.

Hire Me

Listening to Spirit, making Magick, reading birth charts, reading tarot cards. Helping people. You work with Spirit every day and you love it, but when it comes to writing, you would rather not.

Writing is what I love to do. Writing is how I help others. Hire me to do what I love for you, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Why me?

I’ve worked in corporate as well as start-up business environments for over ten years, ignoring and whittling my true nature down so that I could ‘fit in’. 

My experience has sharpened my empathy skills.

I know your audience because I am your audience. This is how I create writing that resonates.

What I Do

Whether you want to tackle a big or small writing project, I can do it.

I have written, and love to write: eBooks, presentations, resources, tutorials, blog posts, newsletters, articles, social media posts, copy for websites or platforms, knowledge base articles, short stories, long stories, descriptions, media kits, news releases.

➕ Community Management

How do you know what the people who like, subscribe, buy, and share what you put out into the world, need from you? How do you make sure they’re getting it? This can be:

  • an email newsletter that goes out every week,
  • a response strategy for comments, emails, and messages (ie. ‘direct response’ in corporate-speak), and / or
  • a forum (that requires moderation) where those people can help and engage with each other

Depending on the size of your community, you might opt for one approach, or all three.

I’ve done it all, in addition to a few other projects, under the community management umbrella.

➕ Strategy

Dream. Imagine. Brainstorm.

For me, writing doesn’t happen without big picture thinking. My detour away from doing what I love started with strategy, specifically working professionally in public relations. I love coming up with ideas with intent, to solve problems and create connections.

➕ ‘Other’ Services

  • Making sense of metrics
  • WordPress (or other platform) maintenance
  • Trend analysis
  • Monitoring social + traditional media
  • Fixing things; PDFs, functionality, integrations, code, etc.

The Process

Inspire trust and confidence with your audience; the people looking for the unique services you offer, and stop feeling dread when you sit down to write.

Step 1: Get clarity.

A strategy session where we discuss exactly what you want. We’ll go over your dream content, and what results you hope to achieve.

This session can take the form of a short call and a document review.

Step 2: Define the scope.

I take what we discussed and come up with a scope of work. This two-to-three page document outlines what I understand about from the strategy session and how I will deliver on your needs.

It will cover my goods and services in the course of the project, key milestones, estimated timelines and costs.

Step 3: You decide.

After receiving your scope of work, I’ll be available for any questions or changes you want to make.

If your team decides to move forward, we can trade contracts! What you’ll receive from me is a contract that reflects what we discussed and what was in the scope of work.

As soon as the contracts are returned, and deposits are paid (if necessary), I get started with doing what I love to do.

Step 4: In flight.

I work best independently. Whenever there’s a problem that can be solved, I love finding creative solutions.

All this to say, you probably won’t hear from me unless there’s an issue.

I use toggl to track hours, and Wave for invoicing. Invoices provide details on the progress of the project.

Samples, Bio + Courses

My online portfolio is here.

My bio: I am a Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon (3rd house), Scorpio rising who is obsessed with stories about people who strive; either within themselves or to make life better for the people around them. I self-published a book, Girl Tracy, in March of 2020.

Interests + Courses

Working with Plant Spirits, 2021 to 2022. Taught by the owner of Ancestral Herbiary, Ifayomi.

8-Week Online Nonfiction Workshop: Building a Writing Career on the Internet, 2018. Taught by Catapult Instructor, Michele Filgate.

Writers workshop, 2017. Humber School for Writers, mentored by Lawrence Hill.