Sometimes writing requires some background noise. Here are the television shows I've found for just that.

Best Background TV Reruns for Writing

Writing the first draft of a fiction novel is tough — you can prepare for it, but not really. In the process of completing this first draft, I’ve discovered a few television shows that help me concentrate (if I don’t pay attention to them). Part of the reason I do this is because if I […]

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Self-care: Between Imaginary & Real Racism* {Links + Resources}

Update 08/28/16: added a reference to the term ‘microaggression‘. I’m just a woman who publishes blog posts inconsistently, but if someone were to look into it I bet Toronto would win the title of ‘Most Low-Key Racist City in the World’. This is your cue: I’m going to use the ’n’ word in this post […]

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Persistent Political Acts

In our house, it was safest to stay quiet. It wasn’t just about being seen and not heard. Sometimes it was safer to not be seen or heard. Our education in keeping quiet is layered. It developed into ‘the voice’ [in replace of us developing our own]. It evolved with age, and follows us regardless […]

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