Things I Wish I Could Get For Kids.

I have a hard time around kids’ birthdays. There are things I would like to give them, but can’t because they’re not sold in stores. I’d probably have to go to some magical school for this, like Hogwarts or something, but I’d be willing to make the trip. A strong sense of who they are. […]

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I thought I wanted to be the fashionable business lady.

How To Run {From Life}

It started with Colour Coding. A blog post I wrote but didn’t tell anyone about. It continued with the Sandra Bland post from last week. And now this. If you’ve looked at the blog posts I’ve written recently, you might notice that before ‘Colour Coding’, I don’t talk about personal shit at all. At that […]

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Image of march to honor Sandra Bland and protest deaths of black women in police custody taken July 31, 2015 by Fibonacci Blue, originally posted on Flickr.

Seeing Sandra Bland.

A heads up: I talk about some intense topics here. Like suicide. There are also some swears. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, maybe for a chuckle, go here. xo 15 mins, maybe. I’ve never attempted suicide, but I’ve been close. I’ve written letters with intent. I’ve driven out to barren fields with […]

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Colour Coding.

This was a post I published on my “secret” blog that I’m putting here because I killed my “secret” blog. It was originally published January 14, 2015. I forget the colour of my skin often. Because I live in Toronto, where it’s easy to forget. And honestly, I don’t walk around with a mirror in […]

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DIYPR: Ecommerce store [Free Download]

Are you a Marie Forleo fan? I am. I watched a video of hers a couple months ago that was part of her Q&A Tuesday series about building customer trust before you have any clients. The plan below can help you show potential customers and clients what it’s like to work with you and your […]

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