I Started a Personal Newsletter! Here’s Why.

just making notes to self, a tinyletter created by me

Because: creativity, synchronicity, intuition, writing, art, courage, self-care, drag, melanin, love, isolation, depression, psychic powers, opportunity.

I didn’t want to start collecting subscribers to just send them a static list of posts. If I was going to send a regular, once-a-month email to people, I said to self, it was going to have information they could use.

It’s called ‘Note to Self’. Here’s Why I Made It.

It started as just writing at first. I writing more, creating stories and imagining characters with deep inner lives. Opening up to creativity meant opening up to paying attention: seeing details, reading between lines, discovering meaning.

To protect myself from the list of racist, homophobic, misogynistic mess of the world, I had started to desensitize. But allowing myself to be more creative meant looking at the world and admitting that the things I was seeing affected me, and allowing myself to feel it.

So yeah, some heavy stuff. At first, I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I was losing it. I started to feel sick, got rashes, wouldn’t fall asleep until two a.m. To be clear: I still don’t sleep until very early in the morning, that’s something I’m struggling with right now. But I’m working on it. I’m working on a lot of things.

So I decided to start a TinyLetter (and almost called this post ‘persistent political acts part two) to share content that people who were / are going through similar changes would find useful. It’s intended for writers, and not shy about issues of race, sex and relationships.

Note to Self is for people like me who are looking around and wondering:
where are my people?

Yes, it will include links to my blog posts, but every day I find content: videos, memes, PDFs, lists, other resources, that can help writers and artists make money, find opportunities, see things differently or are just take better self-care.

Breakthrough stuff about relationships and life and money from people who actually know what it’s like to have to figure things out on their own, or just have questions. That content will be the focus of the notes. That and funny shit.

Ok, so you can subscribe either by clicking the link in the footer or by clicking here. See you in your inbox {once a month}!

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