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My Perfect HTML Email template with built-in CTAs.

Last week I got a reminder email from my salon about a hair appointment. After having a small first-world moment when I realized I couldn’t just add the appointment to my calendar straight from the email, I thought: ‘why not build my own HTML email template with CTAs already included?’

Screenshot of what HTML email template looks like on different devices.
My perfect HTML email template. Fully responsive and CTAs included.

For events — especially reminders — I think ‘Add to Calendar’ or ‘Register’ are two CTAs that make sense.

If you’re creating an invite for an appointment or event, making them with the intent to share over email can make the process easier, but most popular email clients should automatically generate whatever links or files you need to include in your message.

For news and updates, especially big news about your company or organization, a ‘Click to Tweet’ button is a great way to boost engagement with your devoted fans and followers.

So here’s my ideal HTML Email template. It’s responsive and comes with ‘Click to Tweet’ and ‘Add to calendar’ CTAs, and it’s flexible responsive. I was inspired in part by Lee Munroe’s simple responsive html email template, and Zurb’s Ink framework.

Here’s where you can download and contribute.