Self-care: Between Imaginary & Real Racism* {Links + Resources}

Update 08/28/16: added a reference to the term ‘microaggression‘. I’m just a woman who publishes blog posts inconsistently, but if someone were to look into it I bet Toronto would win the title of ‘Most Low-Key Racist City in the World’. This is your cue: I’m going to use the ’n’ word in this post […]

What To Do When Coworkers Touch Your Hair and You’re Not Ready to Quit / Complain Yet.

It’s weird that this and this happened in the time I was working on this post… *pregnant pause* Hopefully calling out this behaviour will both embarrass the people who do this kind of shit, and help get us all to a point where curly, kinky, braided, textured, etc. hair isn’t considered “exotic”, “unprofessional” or “different”. […]