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Things I Wish I Could Get For Kids.

I have a hard time around kids’ birthdays. There are things I would like to give them, but can’t because they’re not sold in stores. I’d probably have to go to some magical school for this, like Hogwarts or something, but I’d be willing to make the trip.

A strong sense of who they are.

This I think kids have naturally, but I’d want to give them whatever they need to keep that freedom as they get older.

A divorce {for their parents}.

I’m not one who believes you stay together “for the kids”, or for religion, or for family. Two people stay together because they want to and are committed to each other. Nothing else. And if two people are together and they’re creating an unhappy environment for their kids, a divorce or separation might be just what those kids need.

Knowing that everything will be okay.

This one’s for kids who are going through something tough and maybe need a little encouragement.

The ability to trust their instinct.

Another thing that kids seem to have without any trouble. But for those kids who are a little less confident, or something to keep as they get older.

Encouragement to explore everything, all the time.

For this one, imagine the world without it’s made up rules about what you can and can’t do because of your age, weight, where you live, race, how much money you have, where you go to school, where you work, etc. If I could, I would give a kid the power to explore whatever they want without worrying about all the made up shit.

A mind cleaner.

For use after being bullied, watching Disney movies or old cartoons, generally watching tv, etc. Something that would clean the mind of whatever subconscious messages that could potentially sink in.

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